Adobe Photoshop Training How to Install Photoshop Plugins Action Scripts

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How to Install Photoshop Plugins Action Scripts

Did you know that after you buy adobe photoshop, then download photoshop you can install plugins photoshop, photoshop plugins, photoshop plug ins, action scripts, and adobe plugins all mean the same.

This adobe photoshop training and adobe photoshop tutorials will teach you how to install adobe plugins photoshop into any version of photoshop. I will show you how to use adobe photoshop with photoshop tutorials including video tutorials.

Step 1 Open adobe photoshop and at the top click on the window link which will bring a drop down menu and you must select actions to bring up the plugins photoshop action scripts.

Step 2 When you buy book cover package it comes with photoshop plugins inside a folder called ecover action scripts and looks like this below.

Step 3 There are 2 ways to install the photoshop plugins

  1. Hold your mouse and drag it over all the action scripts above until they are highlighted.

2. Then you move the entire list of highlighted plugins photoshop then drag the entire list above into the actions script area of adobe photoshop and let them go. See the photo below.

3. The second way of adding adobe photoshop plugins is by clicking on the small triangle inside the actions at the top and load each individual action script or plugins photoshop, one by one.

When you click on the photoshop plugins load actions it brings up a folder and you need to find the folder called ecover action scripts and install each action script separately which takes time. I prefer to drag the entire set from above and drop them into the actions area below.

Once you have your action scripts or plugins photoshop installed you will be able to start creating some spectacular 3D ebook covers, book covers, software boxes and lots more.

You will need to add your own photshop graphics into the action scripts and I will show you how to create each cover inside the photoshop plugins you see in the above photos. Just read the next series of articles in this adobe tutorial.

If you would like to watch the video tutorials on how to use photoshop and install the photoshop plugins then you need to watch the video screen capture below showing you step by step.


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