Ezine Photoshop Tutorial: How To Make An Ezine Cover

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Ezine Photoshop Tutorial: How To Make An Ezine Cover

In this photoshop tutorial you will learn how to make an ezine cover.

Most ezines are newsletters delivered digtially via email, blog or rss feeds. Sometimes the owners of the ezines want to take a graphic design and make and ezine cover to give there company a professional image.

The ezine is a custom logo for the website designer who wants that business logo to best represent his business.

When you design a web page I recommend you create your own ezine newsletter to keep in touch with your visitors. You will want your own web design graphics and unique newsletter or ezine cover.

So you can hire a graphics designer to make your ezine or you can do it yourself.

I will now show you how to create an ezine cover using BookCoverOmatic.com Package using adobe photoshop plugins to make your life so easy.

Items you'll need to make your ezine cover, newsletter cover or book cover.

  1. adobe photoshop version 6 or higher or the free trial version
  1. photoshop plugins or action scripts at BookCoverOmatic.com
  1. a web graphic or custom logo for your ezine cover

How to Make an Ezine Cover

Step 1 Open up adobe photoshop and click on the actions pallete and select the photoshop plugin called ezine. You click on the triangle in front of the word Ezine, then you see a drop down menu, then click start. See the image below.

Step 2 - The 2D canvas in light blue will appear 233 pixels wide by 300 pixels high.

Once you know your image dimension which I just gave you, you can take a custom logo you designed or if you paid a graphics designer just put that image in the light blue area.

Just resize your image to 233x300 pixels using ifranview graphics photo editor explained in my previous article and the best part is irfanview if free.

I took my ezine cover called book cover omatic and then you drag this image over the light blue image.

You can use the arrow keys to move the photo up, down, left or right for accurate alignment.

Step 3 Now it's time to let book cover omatic package do the magic job of creating your ezine cover in seconds. You just click on the comile button in the photo below and wait a few seconds.

Step 4 Within a few seconds the photoshop plugins is going thru a series of action scripts automatically behind the scenes creating the most spectcular ezine cover below.

If you have the book cover omatic package and you can point and click you can make all kinds of custom book covers and ezine covers.

In my next article and photoshop tutorial I will teach you lots more.

If you want to know how to use photoshop plugins then you can watch the video tutorials. Below is a video screen capture showing you how to make the ezine cover above step by step.


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