How to Install Irfanview Image Graphic Software

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How to Install Irfanview Image Graphic Software

In this training tutorial I want to show you how to use a free simple photo editor to resize all your images.

Step 1 I want you to go visit and download there photo editor software for free. You will see a download button on the left column and click on any link on the right side of the big area and save this to your desktop.

Step 2 You want to click on this icon on your desktop called iview410_setup.exe or could be named a similar file with the newest version, as long as it says irfanview or iview. Here is a photo of the icon that was downloaded to my computer.

Just follow the instructions, like you agree to terms and conditons and then save the icon to your desktop.

Step 3 After you install the photo editor called irfanview to your desktop it will be a bright red icon, see photo below.

Now I want you to open up ifranview by clicking on the big red icon and you will see the main irfanview screen, see photo editor below.

Step 4 Lets say you have a graphics design or photo in you're my pictures, I want you to click on the file button or the yellow folder icon to open up. Just find the photo you want to edit and will open up in the main window area, see photo below.

Step 5- I love to use this Irfanview to resize all my images when in a hurry. I have found this little piece of photo editor software to be my favorite because its so easy to use.

You just click on the image tab and then resize link will open up.


Step 6- Now you will see a screen photo editor to resize your image in pixels or inches, I prefer pizel resizing. The screen to resize your photo will appear below.

The best is put a green checkmark in the preserve aspect ratio to keep the original photo size in proportion when you resize the photo to avoid uneven distortion.

Sometimes, you will only be allowed a very specific size photo so then you will not want to check the preserve aspect ratio button. Internet marketers sometimes upload images that require the maximum size photo be 150x150 pixels or 200x200 pixels and the preserve aspect ratio button is not needed.

Step 7 Once you get the photo edited to the exact size you want then go to the file button and save as jpeg image and you can set the quality at 80 is my recommendation. The higher the quality the larger the file size, so 80 is still good quality to keep as your final image. There is a little icon that looks like a black floppy disk that will save as and show you the screen below.

I recommend you use this irfanview photo editing software because it's so easy and fast.

You will love this free photo editing software because it will save you so much time. This is my very favorite photo editor because it's so easy to use. When I first started building website I hired a professional programmer who told me he uses this and recommended I use it an love it.

Even though I have adobe photoshop I prefer to use this free irfanview photo editor to resize all my images.

You can even type words on your photos by taking your mouse on the photo and dragging the + cross hair and make a rectangle box. Then click the edit tab insert text into selection and type in the words you want on the photo. How cool is that for your free photo editor that will save you so much time on your graphics design projects.

If you would like to watch the video tutorials showing you how to use this software take a look at the video screen capture below.


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