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Welcome to photoshop tutorials and the 27 articles.

There are 25 articles and videos on this website starting with Photoshop Tutorials teaching you step by step how to make a book cover and other book covers.

Have you ever wanted to make your own book cover? What I am about to teach you is a well known secret within the graphic designer club used by owners of adobe photo shop.

The secret is the graphic designers use photoshop plugins, photoshop actions, adobe plugins or photoshop plugin all meaning the same thing. The photoshop plugin is added to adobe photoshop software and automates the entire book cover creation with a few clicks of a button.

Here is the list of articles and free tutorials featuring adobe training instructional videos on how to use photoshop. Each video screen capture allows you to start, stop and pause so you can learn how to make custom graphics for your book cover.

  1. Iranview
  2. 2 sided software box
  3. 2 sided thin software box
  4. 3 sided software box
  5. 2 sided software box with 3 cds on top
  6. Cd jewle case
  7. Chart sizes
  8. Combined covers
  9. Dvd case
  10. Ebook cover
  11. Ebook cover showing bottom
  12. Ebook 3
  13. Ebook 4
  14. Ebook 4 tilted
  15. Ebooks bundle2
  16. Ebook thin
  17. Ezine
  18. Ezine reversed
  19. Giftbox
  20. Giftbox 2
  21. Membership card
  22. Multiple ezines
  23. Report
  24. Set 21 ebooks
  25. Vhs tape

Here's some items what you'll need to make your own book cover or ebook cover. You can always get free photoshop on a trial basis to make your book cover.

  1. Adobe photoshop or photoshop trial
  2. Photoshop plugins, photoshop actions or adobe plugins available at
  3. Cover design, images or graphics you want to put on your book cover

You will be able to watch these free tutorials and instantly make your book covers that you will be able to put up on your website.

I found that I learn best by watching video screen capture instructional videos which allows me to follow at my own pace.

You don't need to attend all those expensive photoshop classes when you can learn from free tutorials found at my website. There's no need to go thru a big learning curve when you want to make a book cover when you have photoshop plugins.

Photoshop training with video tutorials is the easiest way to accomplish immediate results especially if you use photoshop plugins.

Using photoshop plugins is the secret tool that professional graphic designers use to make book covers and charge you $97 for one cover when you could do it yourself.

To start your adobe photoshop cs2 article training and watch the video tutorials for each article, just click on the link at the top left of this page.

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